Farms dot the Central Virginia countryside around Scottsville. Artists abound. Come meet the people behind the trades at our Saturday market for the 2015 Season!

The Scottsville Farmer’s Market strives to be a producer-only exchange of goods and services.  Any item that you buy at our market was grown, crafted, created, baked or assembled in Albemarle and its adjacent counties – that’s it!  Our vendors love to talk about what they do and answer any questions that customers may have, so please feel free to ask questions about the produce and crafts that you are buying!

Our mission is to share wholesome, local, seasonal, fresh food, as well as information and recipes with the community!



Cumiskey Farm – Located in six miles from downtown Scottsville, The Cumiskey Family offers an assortment of berries, peaches, apples, seasonal vegetables, delicious baked goods, fresh-cut flowers and art.  They will also have eggs from a variety of birds, including: chicken, turkey, goose and duck eggs.  Stop by their booth at breakfast time and you won’t be disappointed!


Pele’s Pure Soap – Pele and Chiron craft wonderful homemade products – all created in downtown Scottsville.  They offer soaps, lip balms, candles, honey, hot pepper puree, dried hot peppers and fresh herbs.


Buck Island Creek Farm – A long-time Market vendor, Jerry and his wife Lora have a wide array of products available on Saturdays.  They offer local, seasonal produce, handmade cutting boards. eggs, and honey from Hungry Hill Farm, located in Shipman, Virginia.


Highlawn Farm – If you love local, grassfed beef, then Rosalyn is who you need to see!  A long time local vendor, Highlawn Farm offers USDA inspected grass-fed goat meat and beef, as well as perennials, herb plants and house plants.  She also offers jellies and wine bags.  Check in to find out when her garlic is in season!


Lower Sherwood Farm – Located seven miles from downtown Scottsville, Paige has a great variety of Llama yarn and fiber products including felted soaps and cat toys.  She also has assorted baked goods including pies, quiches, cookies and quick-breads, as well as note cards and other handmade gifts.


First Harvest Produce – Located in Keswick, Virginia, Andy and his family have an eye-catching stand filled with beautiful local produce.  They offer handmade crafts, tons of produce and herbs, as well as some delicious melons later in the summer – and gorgeous pumpkins in the Fall!


Chickie-Dickie Beads – Located in Charlottesville, Angie creates beautiful handmade jewelry that resemble works of art!  You may see her travelling the area over the summer, attending many local markets with her wares.  Check in and see what’s new this season!


LaLa’s Garden – New to the market this season, Linda offers a variety of plants – all started and grown  by herself – including: heirloom vegetables, medicinal herbs, culinary herbs, annuals and perennial plants.  She will be at the market all season long, with the exception of the month of July!


Tanglewood Farm – Located in Palmyra, Virginia, Lydia will have a wide variety off items for sale this year at the market!  She will have all sorts of goodies for dogs, cats and horses, as well as handcrafted soaps, herbal popcorn varieties, cookies, salsa, tortilla chips, breads and popsicles.  On those chilly mornings, stop by for some hot chocolate, and on those warm afternoons, she will have lemonade!


Rae Design – New to the market this season, Karen has handmade jewelry items to offer!  She has a variety of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, all created from beads, pearls, crystals, metals, glass and gemstones – and paired with high-quality clasps (sterling, brass & gold-plated)


The Tile Chick Unleashed – A new vendor to our market, Jeanne can be found in her tent next to the pavilion with her beautiful mosaic art and other beautiful pieces of art and gift items.  Her mosaic works include tables, slates, pots, vases, lamps and planters.  She will also have gourd art, watercolors and sketches, and some awesome artistic additions for the garden!


Woodridge Microfarm – A long-time vendor at the Scottsville market, John offers a wonderful variety of plants and produce throughout the entire season.  From figs to onions, blueberries to greens – he offers a little bit of everything!


Taylor Blackburn is a new addition to the Scottsville Farmer’s Market this year and can be found in the center aisle – all season long with the exception of mid-July.  She will have shelf-stable desserts, breads, snacks and pastas, as well as homemade jewelry and other small home goods.


Living Culture Farm – Mary and Teddy offer a wide variety of seasonal produce from April-November at market on Saturdays and Wednesdays, as well as offering various CSA types locally.  Check out their Facebook page for newest happenings on their farm located in the heart of Scottsville, as well as their mid-week hours, and stop by at the market for a free sample of local, raw veggies!  The farm also offers Internship and Work-Trade options.


Princess Abagail’s Crochet – New to the market this season, Kathryn has various crocheted items including but not limited to blankets, hats, baby clothing, adult clothing, bags and scarves.  Stop by and see what she is working on next!


Joe The Woodchuck – A long-time vendor of our market, Joe will be at his old-reliable space at the market near the bathrooms this season.  He and his wife create wonderful woodworks for the home and garden, in a variety of fun designs.  He can hand-make just about anything from wood, and is open to taking custom orders!


Scottsville Chamber of Commerce Please stop by their booth in the center of the pavilion to learn about some of the different businesses in town.  More of an information booth than a vendor, the local business owners would love to meet you and chat with you about what they do!  The businesses represented at the booth will be rotated weekly.


Ann Hunter – Ann can be found in her tent at the rear of the pavilion with a variety of plants, hand-made bird houses, crocheted items and sewn doll clothes.  She also has published books for sale, written by her daughter.


The River Bend Day Spa – Stop by and see Beth for a wonderful mini massage!  She will have her massage table with her at market, as well as gift certificates for services offered at the spa.  The Spa is conveniently located just steps away from the pavilion in the heart of Downtown Scottsville, and they offer an array of pampering services, as well as homemade products and a boutique that offers local artisan wares and other yoga and spa products.


Music and Glass – Join Mara and Tom on the Second Saturday of every month at our Local Art Booth!  Tom will provide some wonderful music, while Mara hosts short workshops dabbling with mosaics and glass art.  She will have a different project every week, so check in and see what is new!  Keep in touch with her facebook page to see announcements for upcoming projects.


Bloom River – Come on down to the market’s Tent area, and meet Sarah!  She makes lovely unique, handmade creations from fabric – including girls’ Spring dress and headband Sets, as well as accessories.  Come see what she has new this week!


The Barkers – an extremely long time vendor of the Scottsville Farmer’s Market, Fred and Helen Barker have a reliable and delicious assortment of baked goods every Saturday, as well as Jellies, Pickles, Apple Butter and hot breakfast biscuits.  At the height of the season, they will have some surplus veggies from their garden, as well as eggs.


Flat Broke Acres – Robert and Barbara live close to Scottsville and have a WIDE array of veggies at the market, as well as chicken and rabbit meat, farm fresh eggs and cut flower bunches.  Some of their specialty items include: Asparagus, Horseradish, Strawberries, Rhubarb, Blueberries, Garlic, Corn, Apples, Peaches, Pears and Nectarines.  Come on down and see what is in season!


Molly Dameron – Molly handcrafts wonderful handbags in a variety of colors, prints and fabrics.  I promise that you will find one to suit your style!  You can find Molly with her friends, Ruth and Barbara in the second center aisle space.  Their Booth will compliment any accessory that you could want!


Sew What – Sharing a space with Molly, Barbara crafts, sews and creates a variety of wonderful, useful household items such as sewn purses, lanyards, travel kits, towels, coasters and pillows – even handmade lollipops!  Stop in for a free sample of her Chocolate Peanut Butter Bon Bons, you will not be disappointed!


Ruth Monopoli – Also sharing a space with Molly and Barbara, Ruth has a rainbow of assorted, beaded lanyards and stylus’, as well as handmade beaded jewelry.  Their wares compliment each other’s greatly!  Stop by and see the WIDE variety of handmade goods that these ladies conjure up!


Bear Bottom Farm – Wiley and Mason own a farm located in Dillwyn, and bring a wonderful variety of things to the market on Saturdays.  They will have a ton of delicious, grass-fed, local pork and chicken, as well as homemade soaps, salves and teas.  Grown from their garden, they will be bringing gourds, loofas and assorted veggies.


Mountain Dream Farm – Located fifteen miles from Scottsville, Jaclyn and Damian will have a variety of produce to offer this season, as well as honey, eggs and artisan items.


River City Kettle Corn – new to the Market this season, Daniel makes and sells his kettle corn fresh, on-site.  This should be a real crowd-pleaser this season!


Mouth Wide Open – also new to the market this season, Justin and Keshia will be at the market the first Saturday of every month with their food truck.. For breakfast, some of their items include: shrimp & grits, bacon egg & grits, and varieties of baked oatmeal.  Their lunch menu contains a variety if different sliders, and they also offer beverages and a side order of fruit 😉


Pee Wee’s Pit Barbecue – Suzette will be offering Dinner Kits at the market, as well as booking Catering Events for the 2015 Season.  Check out her website to see a full menu of meals and side dishes!


Willow Tree Farm – New to the market this year, Rachel will have a variety of handmade pastas and ravioli – made with locally sourced veggies from Living Culture Farm!  She will also have herbs to sell for most of the season.


Anah Wagner – Anah and her three Daughters, teamed up with their friend, Barbara, will have a variety of baked good, yeast breads, and handmade towels and washcloths.  They will be located in the tent portion of the market – come by and see what they have to snack on this week!


Earth Girl – New to the market this year as a child vendor, Gwyneth is crafty and makes some beautiful jewelry!  She will have homemade soy candles to sell, as well as a variety of jewelry that you won’t be able to keep your hands off of!  Wonderful vendor to stop by when you are in need of a gift!


Bubbie & G’s – new to the market this year, Teresa has a wonderful assortment of handmade crafts, in all kinds of fun prints and bold colors.  She has a blast keeping up with five grandkids at home, so she has plenty of influence to create the perfect gift for the child in your life!  Stop by and see what she is working on today!


DBA Fort Blenheim Candles – new to the market this year, George creates hand-made, hand-poured natural pillar candles and votives.  He also offers samplers and gift baskets, supplemented with glass votives, candle plates and fancy lighters.


Brenda Moore – Brenda can be found in the tent section of the market, with a table full of different handmade crafts, jams & jellies and baked goods.  Stop by and see what she has new this week!


Sue Irving – If you need plants for your garden, for a friend, or for a flowerpot, Sue is the person to visit at the market!  She has a WIDE variety of medicinal and culinary herbs, as well as annual vegetable plant starters & annual and perennial flowers – all started and grown from seed by Sue herself.  She will be there from the beginning of the season, until the 4th of July, so come on down while you can!


David Martin – David is a long-time Scottsville resident, and has been at the market for a few years now.  He provides amazing wood crafts, including handmade boxes, tables, cutting boards and pens.  His work is beautiful and finely made.  You can see the love that he puts into his craft!


Farmer Joe’s – a Scottsville local, Joe prides himself on his tomatoes!  He will be at the market in the middle of the season, and will have tomatoes, peppers, onions, squash, garlic, cucumbers, basil and a variety of other culinary herbs.  Best prices on bulk produce in town – perfect for canning and preserving!


Lauri Ross – stop by the market and see if you can spot Lauri and her face-painting booth!  She has tons of ideas, and even more creativity!


Saucy Mama’s Hot Daddy’s Pantry – come on down to the market and see Mike – the local expert in canning and preserving.  He has a huge variety of sauces, preserves, jellies, jams and more – all delicious in their own way!


Tryon Quilts – new to the market this season, Leah can create a variety of handmade items – all tailored-fit to suit your needs and style.  She has things available for purchase at market on Saturdays, and she also takes custom orders!  Check out her variety of purses, bibs, skirts, waxed canvas products, leather products, quilts and wallets.


Mary Bradford & Linda Lee – a first-year market vendor, Mary and Linda have a very eye-appeasing display!  They feature items such as towels, dishcloths, bottle holders, scarves, purses and “snap-happy wallets” – a creation of Mary’s.  Stop by and say hi!