Sell at the Market!

What do you want to sell at the market?                                       10532473_625944620837113_768674492986928979_n

Current vendors bring vegetables, fruits, herbs, plants, handmade jewelry, soaps, honey, eggs, vinegar, clothing, crafts, meats, breads, woodcrafts and more.

The Scottsville Farmers Market accepts vendors on a weekly basis, first-come, first-serve, for a nominal  fee. This year, we are almost full under the pavilion, and by the start of the 2016 season will most likely have tent-room-only.  We have room for PLENTY of tents along our perimeter, for only $5.00 per week!

For more information, speak with the market manager, Shannon Bostic at  OR  434-286-9267.

Below are links to the Contract and Applications for the 2016 Season.  They can be returned to the market manager, or to the Scottsville Town Offices at 401 Valley Street.

Scottsville Farmer’s Market Contract 2016

SFM Artisan Application 2016

SFM Producer Application 2016